Auto Repair Services in Laverne, OK

When you need auto repair service and auto maintenance service in Laverne, OK we can help. At E&G Service Center, LLC we have been providing automobile owners with needed repair and maintenance care since 2019. Here are some of the common services we provide.

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Auto Maintenance Services We Provide

Engine Mechanics:

Your car’s engine is essential, and we provide the needed mechanical repair and maintenance to keep it running smoothly, predictably, and efficiently. We can examine your car and uncover any underlying engine issues.

Brake Replacement:

Your car’s brakes are among its most important safety systems. When your brakes need repair or part replacement, they can become less responsive, making even regular driving dangerous.

A/C Maintenance:

Without a working A/C driving, your car during the hotter parts of the year is both uncomfortable and distracting. With maintenance, your A/C can be fixed and start producing cold air again.

Transmission Repair:

Your car’s transmission requires regular servicing and sometimes requires replacing. Without a working transmission, you cannot reliably change gears. If you are noticing issues with your transmission, call us today.

Wheel Alignment:

During routine driving, your car can become misaligned due to a variety of reasons. No matter the cause, this reduces your car’s handling and damages your tires. We can provide the precise service needed to reset your wheels to proper factory settings.

Front Suspension Tune-Ups:

In front-wheel drive cars, tune-ups for the suspension are important for safe and reliable handling. Regular tune-ups also prevent unnecessary part wear.


We can also help with the servicing of Adaptive Variable Suspensions. AVS is designed for highly customized settings and car handling, and we can ensure this precise part of your automobile continues to provide the performance you expect.


Your car’s lights are an essential safety part; without them, you can’t safely operate your car at night or in the dark. Light issues should be addressed immediately. Light issues can also include problems with the internal displays.

Electrical Repair:

Your car’s electrical system is highly important and powers some of its most important systems, including the automatic locks and windows, the starter, displays, lights, pumps, and other key systems. If you’re having electrical issues, we can help.


Regular tune-ups are an important part of car care. With regular tune-ups, you keep your car in top operating condition.